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We work in a highly competitive field, so we’re constantly investing in technology
and research to make sure we stay ahead of the curve.
Our commitment to quality guarantees our success and your satisfaction.

Containers, Bottles & Jars

We carry various sizes of single wall, double wall jars, packer bottles, boston round, cylinder round, bullet bottle, liquor, and food containers in various types.  These containers come in multiple type of material including clear glass, cobalt blue, amber, green glass and in P.E., P.E.T., and P.P. plastics.    Applications of these containers span across food, pharmaceutical, personal care and nutraceutical use.

Closures, CRC, & Dispensers

The choice of CT closures and its liners are based up the use type of products being packaged and the material of the containers itself.  We offer many types of liners including printed, non-printed, single or double, foam, pulp, pressure-sensitive, heated induction, which comes with or without different type of Pull-tabs.  

Various types of CRC ranges from 20mm to 110mm with different type of liner and Pull-tab combination.  The selection of which must be consistent with its application and mechanical interaction between the closure and the bottle.  This is a closure requiring dissimilar motions making removal by a child with certain degree of difficulty. Child Resistant closures are subject to current government regulations.

We offer multiple dispensing closures which includes Flip-Top, Push-Pull Disc Top, Sift & Pour, Liquid Pour, droppers, Tricker Sprayer, Dispensing Pumps, and more.  These dispensing closures come in standard or custom colors with various type of line best suite for the application of choice

Specialty Custom Products

The personal care, food, and nutraceutical industry often requires custom products to denote their branding.  PCI excels in this area in collaborating with our clients in designing and developing their conceptual products.  These products may require a one-time use or a life cycle with practical purposes.  Our custom designers provide technical support, CAD drawing, 3D prototyping and tooling development, First-Shot samples, etc.  We provide a seamless process for our discerning customers.

PETE Preform

We have an array of selections with multitude of height, body diameter, color, gram weight, Neck Finish, CRC Finish, and more.   A lot of the Preform of commonly used sizes are stock items.   
In additions, as in our Specialty Custom Product lines, we will develop custom mold to meet your criteria in all aspects of your selection on color, gram weight, height and diameter.  These preform parisons are suitable for food, pharmaceutical, and other industry for storing water, oil, beverages, and dry items with a transparent appearance.


Our capability of mold building ranges from single cavities to 48 cavities depending on your application.
We are able to build Toolings from small to very large sizes of various shapes and components
to best suit your needs in branding and your product barrier requirements.  
We will take the journey with you from conception to commercialization of your products.  
Our process will provide support to you with engagement in your designing stage of Concept Formation, Precision CMM mold qualification, Engineering Drawings, 3D Prototyping, Marketing Samples, Testing and Trails of production ready components.  During Mass Production we conduct in-house routine Preventive Maintenance and Non-Routine Toolings Maintenance to optimize the performance and quality.  
We build Toolings for Injection Mold with Hot Runner Systems, Extrusion Blow Mold of angled neck, mouth to mouth, Stretch Blow Mold, Thermoforming, and Glass Blow Mold.

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